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Want to learn how to make travel happen and cultivate your dream life so you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be?

Welcome to Disha Discovers! My name is Disha Smith and I was born in Greenville, Mississippi. I, unfortunately, don’t have that adorable Southern accent anymore. I was raised in a rather strict and controlling Indian household. Growing up, I was ordered what to do and when to do it. I didn’t have a choice—I did what my parents told me to do or I would face their fury.

I went to college at Oklahoma State University [GO POKES!!!]. My major started off as Biology/Pre-Dental because my parents had the idea that I should major in something medical related so my chances of marrying a more educated AKA “rich” Indian guy would increase. I HATED this major with a deep, burning passion. Then, I had the brilliant idea of changing my major to something I actually wanted to study. I broke the news to my parents about me changing my major. They were enraged and disappointed. They said that no Indian guy would want to marry me because I wasn’t a doctor. My mom actually stopped talking to for a week because I changed my major. For the first time in my entire life, I felt empowered because I had the courage to stand up to my parents. This was only the start.

I graduated from OSU in May of 2014. I met my Prince Charming that April. He wasn’t into me at first, but that’s okay. It so happened to be that my Prince Charming, Amos, was not Indian. This resulted in me being disowned by my family. Read more about my story here.

Up until this point, I based my identity around the identity my parents constructed for me. “Failure, loser, unlovable, dumb” were just a few of the lovely compliments I received on a daily basis. Being disowned was truly the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I gained freedom from so much control and manipulation and started living the life I had always dreamt of for myself.

Four years later, my husband and I decided to travel the world. We both had lived our whole lives trying to fit inside a mold that society created for us. Society told us to go to college, get a well-paying job, buy a house, have children, etc. We never felt like we genuinely fit those molds. We turned to the world to help us find our new molds and we fit so perfectly into them. After visiting 80+ countries and experiencing so many life-changing moments, I’m 100% living my best life.

Disha Discovers was created when I finally decided to escape the ordinary and started living a life without limitations. It’s created to encourage people to not settle for a life that is anything but extraordinary. It’s created to be a source of consolation and hope to any of you who are going through what I did with my family. Disha Discovers is created so that people who aren’t able to travel are still able to experience the beauty of the world by reading about my experiences. I’m here to provide you with travel tips and advice to help you get started with traveling. I’m here to debunk myths related to traveling—traveling is reserved for the elite, traveling is dangerous, no-one will go with me, etc. Lastly, I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader as you create the most beautiful life you can imagine for yourself and be of guidance as you travel.

Go on a wild and fun journey with me as I travel the world and discover life.

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