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9 Things You Must Eat in Kerala, India

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My favorite thing to do when I visit a new country is to try local dishes. It’s my belief that trying local dishes gives you a deeper connection to the country’s culture. I grew up eating North Indian and I rarely had South Indian dishes. When I found out that I was going to Kerala, I was so excited to try some of the local dishes there. I actually made a list of everything I wanted to try. Spoiler alert – food in Kerala does not disappoint! The cuisine is rich and robust with yummy traces of coconut. Every dish bursts with colorful flavors and textures which indicate as to why people love the food in Kerala. We tried nearly 60-80 dishes and there was not a single dish we didn’t like. In no particular order, here are nine dishes you have to try when visiting Kerala.

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1. Appam

I asked a few Keralites what their favorite food is and they all replied, “appam with stew.” I totally understand the hype behind this dish now. Appam is a thin pancake that’s made from fermented rice flour, coconut milk, coconut water, and a dash of sugar. It reminded me of a crepe. The edges are crispy and it’s shaped like a bowl. The best part about appams is that you can enjoy them at any time – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try appams with any kind of curry. You won’t be disappointed. Remember to scarf it down while it’s hot as it loses some of its flavor when it cools down.

A photo of a thali in Kerala with appam and curries

The appam is in the middle of the thali (plate) and you can enjoy it with all of these dishes.

2. Nadan Beef

Also known as beef curry, this is my absolute favorite dish in Kerala. Kerala is seemingly the only place in India where you can eat beef without any restrictions and guilt. This dish can be roasted or cooked in a thick gravy. I preferred mine with the gravy. Bite-sized pieces of beef are simmered in a curry made with lots of aromatic and delicious spices like cardamom, bay leaves, peppercorn and more. I truly fell in love with this dish and my mouth is totally watering as I write this post. This dish is best paired with Malabar parotta, which I talk about further in the post.

A photo of beef curry in Kerala

This beef curry is insanely delicious.

3. Pazham Pori/Ethakka Appam

This literally means “fried bananas.” Essentially, these fritters are made from ripe plantains that are dipped in a batter and deep-fried. The key is to use ripe bananas so you get the perfect flavor. Lastly, don’t forget to get a glass of chai or coffee when relishing in this tasty treat. It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up that many Keralites indulge in.

A photo of banana fritters

The perfect afternoon snack.

4. Malabar Parotta

This is a layered and flaky flatbread that is made from kneading flour, egg, oil, and water. Then, the dough is cut into long strips and then rolled together into a spiral with thin layers. It’s then rolled flat and made to resemble a pancake with many layers. After, it’s cooked over a hot pan with oil or ghee. I don’t even want to know how much weight I gained from eating these. They’re so addictive. I actually got a cooking lesson on how to make these parottas, and I was horrible at it. Making these delicacies is an intricate process that requires a lot of precision and patience… neither of which I have. As I mentioned above, parottas are best paired with beef curry.

A photo of beef curry and parotta

The most delicious meal ever – beef curry and parotta. All the heart eyes for this dish.

5. Kozhi Muringakka Charu

This soup was my jam. I had it almost every single night that I was in Kerala. This soup is spicy and flavorsome with small bits of a chicken drumstick. We ordered this soup extra spicy and it was so perfect. We usually ordered this soup as a starter, but I was told that many Keralites will eat it as an actual meal with a side of rice. I swear that this soup contains magic potions. I had a terrible cold and I felt instantly better after drinking this soup. Some of you aren’t huge cilantro fans, but I highly recommend sprinkling some in this soup. It’ll really elevate the flavors.

A photo of me eating drumstick soup

I slurped up every drop of this soup.

6. Kozhi Chuttathu

These bite-sized chicken pieces are marinated with booming flavors and then grilled until the masala (spices) get charred. If you’re up for the challenge, order this dish extra spicy. My throat felt like it was on fire, but it was so worth it.

A photo of grilled chicken

Look how beautifully charred that chicken is.

7. Mutta Roast

This is egg curry with a twist with the twist being that it’s a drier curry. I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I’m not a fan of roasts. I’m a gravy girl. But, I wasn’t disappointed after trying this. This is actually my second favorite dish after the beef curry. Basically, this dish consists of hard-boiled eggs coated in a thick gravy of tomatoes and caramelized onions. Typically, this dish is served for breakfast with a side of appam. I had this curry for dinner with parottas instead.

me eating egg curry

This is my annoyed face – let me just eat my curry, Amos!

8. Vendakka Mezhukkupuratti

This dish reminds me of fried okra, but it’s way better. It’s like eating potato chips – once you eat one, you can’t stop eating them. The okra is cut into very thin slices and pan-fried with several spices. This was actually one of Amos’s favorite snacks.

A photo of Kerala style fried okra

We had bowls full of this yummy goodness. No shame.

9. Sadhya

This is a traditional and authentic Kerala meal. It’s served with rice and 10-20 vegetarian dishes on a banana leaf. Keralites say that the banana leaf enhances the flavor of the food. This meal is typically served for Onam, a big festival that happens all over Kerala. However, you can still find this meal all throughout the year. It’s the perfect way to try a little bit of everything and experience the diversity in the cuisine. Always get extra Avial though – it’s a thick mixture of various vegetables seasoned with coconut oil and curry.

A photo of Sadhya

So many yummy dishes!

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Have you tried the food in Kerala? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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Friday 4th of October 2019

These all look so yummy! I hope to go to India soon, thanks for sharing! :)

Disha S.

Sunday 6th of October 2019

Thanks for reading!


Friday 4th of October 2019

Yes! Thanks for the great tips. I love food and I always want to know what I should be eating.

Disha S.

Sunday 6th of October 2019

Thanks for reading! :)


Thursday 3rd of October 2019

Big fan of indian food here as well, but wow you tried so much food I feel like I need a redo of my trip to Kerala! I never even heard of Sadhya until now so that tops of my list to try on a return trip to India, which I hope is soon!

Disha S.

Sunday 6th of October 2019

Thanks so much for reading!

The Crumby Vegan

Monday 23rd of September 2019

Ohhh I love Indian food. My mother-in-law is Indian and every time we visit she'll always make me vegan versions of all the great food she cooks like appam and dosa! :)

Disha S.

Wednesday 25th of September 2019

That's awesome!! Appams are soooo good!

Katy LV

Monday 23rd of September 2019

I love fried okra so that one sounds really good to me!

Disha S.

Wednesday 25th of September 2019

It's delicious! Thanks for reading!